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Medical Disclaimer

https://tooallergic.com is a personal blog written, managed and edited by me.

This site does not provide professional medical advice.

The contents on https://tooallergic.com are to share my personal experience, knowledge and living with allergies specifically related to dust mite allergies, food allergies, nickel allergies other metal-induced allergies. 

Although all the information published on this blog is based on personal experience, backed up with well-researched information from reputable sources, all readers are advised to confirm and review the accuracy, reliability, and completeness of all the information contained herein; https://tooallergic.com.

The contents in my blog are not meant to provide or replace any sort of medical or professional advice hence SHOULD NOT be used as such.

All the information published on this blog is strictly for informational and informative purposes only, and on that note I strongly advise you, the readers to seek a professional medical in order to get more professional medical and legal advice.

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Last updated 20th March 2020.

Medical Disclaimer

Welcome to Too Allergic. I’m Agnes, I’m not an allergy specialist nor a medical professional, and I’m not posing as such. However, I do enjoy researching and collecting data about things that matter to me, which is about my mom and my son’s allergic condition. Please, do not substitute any information on tooallergic.com for professional advice from a licensed medical practitioner, always confirm with your doctor first.