Nickel Allergy Food Pyramid-10 Shocking Foods To Avoid

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Nickel is used in the manufacturing processes of many consumer goods, that’s why a high number of individuals are being tested for nickel sensitization. This nickel allergy food pyramid was put together in order to help people like myself suffering from this horrible thing called “nickel allergy“, to give a more “pictorial view” of nickel content on food and assist with low-nickel allergy diet.

This food pyramid is merely a guide on how to avoid foods high in nickel and start enjoying more low-nickel diet foods. Hence maintaining a low-nickel diet, as it is the basis of good low-nickel food consumption.

Are you allergic to nickel as? Or do you know someone who is?

Did you answer “YES” to either of the two questions above? No, actually, let me answer that for you, Yes! You did! And no, I’m not a mind reader, I don’t have a psychic ability, but I’ll tell you how I know.

Did you know that more than a quarter of the world’s population is allergic to nickel! We all know one or more people who get allergic reactions once they come in contact with nickel. My wife, my son, my mother-in-law, and my nephew are allergic to nickel, chromium, and palladium, probably even more now.

I call nickel the king of all the metallic allergen as it is responsible for most reported cases of allergic contact dermatitis and systemic contact dermatitis!

Unfortunately, nickel allergy, like most allergies, once sensitization has occurred will become your new life-long partner, that because it has no cure, avoidance and or restricted consumption are the only “treatment” and that is the hardest.

Being very close to those sensitive to nickel, I have seen them master the act of being resolute, especially being resolute to their bodes, and rejecting a lot of pastries, hot chocolate, and cocoa drinks, it’s heartbreaking, but I guess we simply have to learn to make lemonades from the lemons which life throws at us.

Sometimes though, one a special day, we become adventurous and venture into the deep space of delicacies, and that day is on my wife’s birthday.

So What Is A Nickel Allergy Food Pyramid?

A nickel allergy food pyramid, similar to a normal food pyramid, is an illustrated diagram made to promote healthy eating, although the nickel allergy pyramid was made as a guide to show both the high and low nickel content of different kinds of food we normally would eat instead.

As terrible as nickel dermatitis is, nickel is a vital nutrient for our bodies, it’s an essential metabolism element and without it, we would develop anemia, and weak skeletal bones because nickel facilitates the proper absorption of calcium and iron by our bodies.

Too much of it, and… you know how we came to be, so no need to mention that. In order to better understand what a healthy low nickel diet should have or not, we should know what the low-nickel foods actually are!

Here’s a detailed pyramid diagram which I made! It’s definitely not a complete list because tests are still being carried out to determine the nickel level of many food products! but I’ll keep researching and updating the list as more results are published.

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Image of a Nickel Allergy Food Pyramid

Nickel is an omnipresent trace element. It’s everywhere, from the air we breathe moment we wake up to the chime of our morning alarm, to the mobile phones we use, from that the first cup of coffee we drink, to the clothes we wear, the car keys, the car safety belt head, food we eat at lunch, the steak for dinner, it’s everywhere!

From the food pyramid image above, it’s clear to see what foods should be considered as having a small content of nickel in it, hopefully, this should help you when shopping, and adjusting to your newly found challenge of what to eat and drink.

What that means, in essence, is that there is no running away from it. It’s unavoidable, that’s a fact and we have to come to a general agreement to that.

Tips for low-nickel diet and nickel-free food

  • Fill up your shopping cart with dairy products, all plain dairy food items like yogurts, cheese (any cheese goes), milk, butter!
  • The essential fruits – fortunately, what I call  “the essential fruits” are all safe to eat (still in moderation), these fruits are bananas, blueberries, peaches, strawberries, pears, blackberries. I call them the essential fruits because these are pretty much all “there is” to fruits out, I mean, who wants to eat all those other fruits anyway, right?
  • non-green, non-leafy vegetables have relatively low nickel content in them.
  • Polished rice, refined white flour products like pasta, and spaghetti are all on the green zone, but in moderation still.
  • Meat and poultry products are on the green too, especially eggs, thank goodness for eggs having a low nickel-content!
  • Some fish and some shellfish should be consumed with strict moderation.
  • Alcoholic beverages, especially beer must be consumed in small and tightly restricted amounts.

Best ways to avoid foods high in nickel

The rule of thumb is to avoid and stay clear of all canned food (including drinks), chocolate, chocolate products, cocoa product, soy products, legumes (such as lentils, peas, peanut(duh!) soya beans, red kidney beans, etc.

Additionally, avoid whole grain products, whole wheat products, millet, oat products, rye products, buckwheat, baking powder, and gelatine, basically most baking-related flours

Water, it’s important that you “flush” your tap faucet every money, before using your first cup of water from it, the reason is that there is a likelihood of nickel being released from the tap faucet(which contains nickel) into the first cup of water.

Since you have sensitive skin, one that is allergic to nickel, only use nickel-free or hypoallergenic products like jewelry, cookware, silverware, etc.

Drink more tea, vitamin C, orange juice, milk or coffee as numerous studies have shown that these blocks nickel absorption.

However, for that nickel inhibition process to effectively take place, you need to consume them at the same time as you eat your regular low nickel diet. Come lunchtime, why don’t you get over to your kitchen and pour yourself a full mug of any of your choosing.

I’d highly suggest you save this nickel allergy food pyramid for easy access when needed, this list has been guiding my family and I for years, I hope it does the same for you and your family!

Finally, if there are more foods or drinks which you think should be added into this nickel allergy food pyramid, please send us an email via [email protected] and we’ll review them and make necessary updates.

Cheers and happy living!


Medical Disclaimer

Welcome to Too Allergic. I’m Agnes, I’m not an allergy specialist nor a medical professional, and I’m not posing as such. However, I do enjoy researching and collecting data about things that matter to me, which is about my mom and my son’s allergic condition. Please, do not substitute any information on for professional advice from a licensed medical practitioner, always confirm with your doctor first.